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Need to promote your brand using printed flyers? Have some bulky stuff to get out in a hard copy? Have a close deadline ahead of you and in need of printing services for your dissertation or project? Maybe on top of all this your printer decides to pack up. Or maybe you never really had one.

Vinyl Banner with Grommets
Vinyl Banner with Grommets Sample

Perhaps you have considered the cost of printing something bulky by yourself and would require a cheap printing service. Whatever the case, whether your printer has packed up on you, or you are away from home, or you are simply in need of a cheap printing service near you, you do have options.

For one thing, the presence of cloud technologies has made “printing on the go” much easier. USB sticks, mobile phones, and even laptops could be used to transfer any soft copy to the printer you wish to use. Let us take a look at some cheap printing services you could employ in the absence of a home printer.

Cheap Printing Services Near You

You could always ask a friend to print your stuff for you, mostly at no cost, but that could be inconveniencing for your friend and may not be a sustainable model. Besides, if what you have to print is bulky, then you would not want your friend to carry the heavy cost of your needs. Here are some options for cheap printing services that you could use.

  1. Office printer

The office is your best bet for cheap printing service. In fact, printing from the office is mostly free. If you are work in an office then you can always take a chance with the office printer. However, nothing is ever totally free. Printing with the office printer is usually limited in options when it comes to binding. Worse, you cannot engage the office printer for bulky documents. You might also want to be careful about printing confidential documents with the office printer. Most importantly, it is always good to check and confirm that using the office printer for one or two small prints is okay with your boss.

  1. Printing at a the local/university library

If your office printer is a no-go, a public library is a great option for immediate printing. Most local and university or college libraries offer printing services. Most importantly, the printing services offered by these libraries are cheap. Beyond the cheap printing service offered by public libraries, printing can be done in person almost as soon as you arrive. You can always print from your phone, laptop, or USB stick. Some public libraries are also integrated with Google Cloud Print, too. However, binding options might be limited.

  1. Printing Office supply stores

Primarily for the purchase of office supplies, many office supply stores now also offer cheap printing and copying services. The cost of printing from an office supply store can be identical to that of a public library. But you can also get discounts on bulk printing. Like libraries too, office supply stores allow for on-the-spot printing, making them a great place if you need immediate printing service.

A major advantage office supply stores hold over the first two options on this list is the diversity in print formats and binding that it allows. This means you can print just about anything you wish from an office supply store.

  1. Print shops

On another day, in a time before ours, print and copy shops were more common. But as the world around us continues to go paperless and the cost of ownership of a personal printer dwindles, they have met their natural death. That explains why they are not right at the top of this list. If you have one around you then this might be an option you’ll want to consider.

Print shops are locally run and prices vary greatly. While some are fairly cheap, others can be very expensive in relation to others on this list. You can check from any around you to confirm how cheap it is. Or you could just patronize them as a way of supporting local businesses.

  1. Online printing services

Online print services have become hugely popular in recent years. To an extent, they can be described as the option to have directly replaced high street print shops. The allure of online printing is that you can print any document professionally from anywhere with just an internet connection and have them sent to you. This means you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy an online print service.

Online printing is usually very cheap. Some are ridiculously cheap when compared to every other option on this list. However, this cost can be altered hugely by the cost of shipping. There are a few sites from which you can obtain coupons that offer large freebies for your online printing order. However, in the absence of coupons, online print services are a great option for bulk printing. With mostly static shipping charges, the cost of printing drops significantly as the order increases.

  1. Shipping companies

Surprised? You shouldn’t be! While it may not look like it, some shipping companies also provide copy and print services and are a great place to print documents. Two reputable shipping companies to offer such services are FedEx and UPS, each with an arm exclusively reserved for printing and copying services. Pricing with these companies is not over the top and are usually on the cheap side.

Printing with a shipping company will likely allow for a variety of file transfer methods including the HP ePrint app and cloud productivity tools. Much like office supply stores and online printing options, printing with a shipping company allows for professional printing in any format and multiple binding options.


How to search for local or online companies

We currently live in highly digital world. The age of the internet has seen a decline in the use of public directories as more and more businesses and organizations appreciate the importance of having an online presence. Whether you are looking to print a book, brochure, flyer, or anything else, you can always scour the internet for companies around you or online companies that ship to your direction.

Most reputable printing service providers have an online presence. Simply use your search engine to identify any such company within range. You can also visit their websites to acquaint yourself with the limits of their services. Compare the services offered by each company to find which works for you. And always keep in mind your budget to find a service cost within that range. Beware of companies whose prices are not clear and explicit upfront as the eventual costs might be significantly higher than you expect.

A word (or two) of caution…

An important thing to look out for while searching for a cheap printing service online is available service ratings and reviews for each company. Most companies that enjoy an online presence allow customers to leave service ratings and to write reviews. Some websites are also dedicated to this purpose. Find out what people are saying about a cheap printing service provider before purchasing their service. Do not get carried away by low prices and fail to make a proper check. Always look out for reviews and testimonials!

As you shorten your list of possible options, do not forget to request for samples. A reputable company would have acquired a lot of samples in their portfolio over the years. This portfolio will mostly contain some of their best deliveries. Ask to view these samples. Review them to see if the standard is on oar with what you need. Remember that the company can only render a service that is as good as the best sample on their portfolio. Requesting samples come at no extra costs.

Getting the Best Cheap Printing Deal

The purpose of spending money on any venture is to obtain value for money. This desire to receive appropriate value for money is what makes us always seek out the very best deals. An often emphasized key to getting the best deal is identifying the cheapest provider of the service or product you seek. However, getting the best deal often involves much more than that. The “cheapest” deals are not simply those that cost the least. What follows are a few tips to keep in mind when seeking the best deal.


True, you can always find newcomers that are simply amazing. After all, everyone was once a newcomer. However, experience is an invaluable asset to any individual or organization. An experienced company is better aware of potential issues that might arise and how to handle them. They are also likely to run into fewer issues and offer better advice to ensure you get the very best.


Any single thing that can be done in the world can be done in a thousand ways. Regardless of what you seek to print, there are a range of options available to you. With more options, you are better placed to make the best choice. The printing company should be able to offer you a range of options for your printing. You should always have a range of materials and finishing from which to select.


Communication is a vital part of any relationship, even business. When a company doesn’t communicate properly with you before an order, chances are you have gotten yourself a bad deal. Poor communication is a deal breaker. Your communication with a company can reveal their level of interest in your project, their understanding of your needs, and their mastery of customer service etiquette.

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Which Cheap Printing Service is Best

Which Cheap Printing Service is Best for You?

The answer to this question is largely dependent on you and your needs. When seemingly spoilt for choice for your cheap printing needs, you might understandably become confused. However, there are a few factors to consider that would help you determine what works. You’ll find that what works for you at a particular time might not work in a different situation. Below are some factors to consider:

Cheapest Brochure Printing
Cheapest Brochure Printing

Location: Where you stay and where you are will determine whether you have offline options such as printing at a public library, heading to an office supply store, or even finding an exclusive print shop. Online printing mostly defies the location barrier.

Immediacy: How soon do you need your document? While offline print services are usually on-the-go and immediate, online printing, while cheap, might take a day or two to arrive. Urgent printing needs might not allow the luxury of time, so you need to keep that in mind when making a choice.

Print/binding options: A4 papers are quite common and so printing documents in this format wouldn’t pose so much of a challenge. Printing of brochures, flyers, magazines, and the likes on other paper sizes might narrow down your options even further. The same is true for your binding options. Libraries and offices mostly offer limited options and may not be the best fit for “rarer” print options.

Freedom: While some printing options allow for printing from anywhere (notably online printing services). Others require your presence at the print location. The amount of time on your hands will determine just how much freedom you have to head over to a local option; it thus also determines whether an online option might be a better fit.

How to Find a Company that Offers Cheap Printing Services near You

Regardless of your preferred cheap printing option, you’ll have to find out if such an option is accessible near you. Similarly, your search for a suitable cheap printing service is likely to also involve searching for a company or an option that offers a service that matches your needs (not just cost this time. Also print format and binding options). How do you find one?

Searching for only local printing companies

If you are considering going with a local option in your neighborhood. You can always use a local directory to find out the options available in your locality. Such a directory would indicate the locations of libraries, office supply stores, and print and copy shops in the neighborhood. You can also get contact information and find out if they offer the exact service which you need before heading over. This will save you both time, energy, and money.

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Printing VIP Duration and Turnaround Time

Turnaround time Based on Location

Printing VIP time based on locations
Printing VIP time based on locations

How quickly can the printing company deliver? How quickly do you need your printouts? These two questions are extremely important when considering which cheap printing service provider to go with. If you need your printouts, for instance, in just two days from the time you place your order, you wouldn’t like a company that can only get your work completed and delivered to you in four. If you are not in a hurry, though, you can scratch turnaround time from your list.

Customer support

In this digital age, distance is just a measure and a statement of location. If you would be working with an online company, customer support takes on a whole new level of importance. Proper customer support can make even the most distant company seem nearer than ever. A company with good customer support is always on hand to answer your queries and proffer solutions to any arising issues. If you find one that assigns you a dedicated customer care rep, all the better. You will have to explain yourself less often, and would have access to someone fully aware of your history and in tune with your needs and requirements.

Don’t forget the extras

Who doesn’t like freebies? It is the desire of many companies to add extra value to their products by offering you add-ons. Printing companies could offer extras in the form of proofreading or graphic design services. Some even offer free mailing services to private addresses. Finding a company that offers quality extras could save you a lot of potential costs.


Okay, if you are looking for a cheap printing service, then your budget is sure to be nagging on your mind. So, do well to find out just how much of your budget the printing company desires to gulp and why. It wouldn’t be out of place if you request estimates from different companies before making your final pick. Do not forget to include shipping costs in any budget estimate. But budget is last on this list for a reason.

Always remember: The cheapest deal isn’t always the best, but the best deal eventually becomes the cheapest. Once you have made your budget find one that fits into it and ticks all other boxes on this list.