5 Tips to MAKE MONEY from Print On Demand & Shopify (How to Pick Designs for Print on Demand)

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Tip #1: Sell Products Customers Can Customize Themselves

With Print On Demand, conversions are extremely important: even more important than with dropshipping. Why? It’s because with Print On Demand, the price to purchase the products is higher. This means that to make similar profit margins, you need to be able to price your items higher than with Aliexpress dropshipping.

To be able to ask for higher prices, it’s important that you are selling extremely engaging products that elicit an emotional reaction from a customer: and a very effective way to do that is to involve the customer in the product creation process and let them customize it themselves by uploading photos and custom engraving it. Here are two great apps to do that:

1) Shine On
2) Print Tech

Tip #2: Use Bold Custom Pricing to Get More Sales

Highly successful dropshipping stores make so much money, not because of the front end product, but because they are great at getting customers to purchase more than one item from them. This is how Michael was able to turn $3,583.08 in ad spend into $14,436.78 in sales.

The Bulk Product Discount App is a great way to get customers to buy more than 1 item from you. It does the following:

1) It adds a table to your store, showing the customer what discount they’ll get on the sale.
2) It will automatically calculate the discount when the customer adds multiple items to their cart (no coupon codes required).

This is especially good for items where customers have a reason to buy more than 1, such as throw pillows, which when bought in multiples create a synchronized look.

Tip #3: To Scale Your Store, Higher A Designer

Using Shutterstock to quickly and easily find designs to use for your store works well in the beginning, but as your store grows, people will be able to copy you and download it for themselves. In addition, having a designer will allow you to create and test designs quickly and cheaply. Here are the 3 websites that Michael uses to find designers:

1) Upwork.com
2) 99Designs.com
3) Freelancer.com

Tip #4: Do Not Use Fan Art For Print On Demand (It’s ILLEGAL)

Do not ever use fanart as your designs for Print On Demand products. It is illegal to create and sell artwork that is derived from copyrighted characters and trademarked logos. It doesn’t matter if your artwork isn’t identical: if it’s very clearly a piece of fan art based on the Llama pinata in Fortnite, then it is illegal.

It is however very common to see people use Fanart for Print On Demand products. How can they do this? Are they allowed to? The answer is no, they aren’t. Just because it is common, doesn’t mean that it is OK, and eventually they will but shut down. Remember: just because others are doing it, doesn’t make it OK!

Tip #5: Use Pinterest To Find Winning Designs

Here is a great Pinterest Hack to use to find winning designs. Type:

Niche Tattoo

Into the Pinterest search engine (but of course – replace the word Niche with your actual niche). You will then get tattoo designs based on your niche. These can be great inspiration as people that get tattoos are usually very passionate about them.

What was your favourite tip? Let us know in the comment section below!