Graphic Design: Create a Christmas Poker Postcard (beginner) | Freepik course trailer_ENG

About the course

Throughout the different lessons, we’ll be learning to use Illustrator in order to create a Christmas postcard with which we’ll wish our friends Merry Christmas.

Which project are we going to develop?

Although the core of this course is the design of a Christmas postcard, we’ll take advantage of the designing process to learn how to use some of the basic tools in Illustrator. Plus, I’ll be teaching you some tips and techniques that will help you speed up the work process when using this software.

We’re going to start by designing a sketch manually in order to be clear about the project we want to develop.

Then, we’re going to work digitally by opening our sketch in Illustrator. Once there, we’ll be learning to use the Pen tool and basic shapes to create brushes.


Paper, pencil and eraser. For developing the sketch, it’s also possible to use a digital tool such as a drawing pad or an iPad Pro.
A device with Adobe Illustrator.

Who is this course for?

In this course, we’ll be learning to use Illustrator from a beginner level, so anyone can join. However, if you’re an advanced student, you’ll also find it useful since lessons are divided by levels.

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