Graphic Design: Develop a Christmas Postcard (beginner) | Freepik Course Trailer_ENG

About this course
Creating postcards for this festive season can be a fun project and something nice to send to your family and friends! Using references to give you some ideas and lovely bright colors, you can easily create cards that will have a custom-made look. Don’t miss out on designing something nice this Christmas and create a card that you can print and send off to impress your loved ones.

What project are we going to develop?
On this course, we’ll be making a Christmas themed card from scratch, using inspiration from other designs, sketches and color. We’ll be using simple shapes and tools in Adobe Illustrator to create a design that you can easily print off. Learn how to use the shape tools, color guide, color swatches, pen tool and clipping masks.

Who’s this course for? Requirements
We are going to show how to use Adobe Illustrator with basic knowledge required. We’re using Creative cloud (CC) so if you have a previous version it may look a little different but the basic tools are still the same, so you shouldn’t have any problems.

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