Of Masks and Screens – Design Film Workshop on Screen Printing

One of the first independent film projects Film & Video UG students at NID do is a short film on an aspect of Design. Prior to starting their individual Design film projects, the students are exposed to the entire process through a Design Film workshop, conducted by a visiting professional. One such workshop took place in August 2014, for the 3rd Year UG students of Film & Video at NID. It was conducted by Ms Chandita Mukherjee, senior documentary film-maker and founder/director of Comet Media Foundation, Mumbai. Design discipline covered: Graphics – Screen printing on Paper.


Workshop Guide: Chandita Mukherjee

Students: Aastha Gupta, Archana Chandrasekhar, Ashwarya Agarwal, Bhushitendu Bhatt and Sachin Sasi.

Special Thanks: Tarun Deep Girdher, NID Print Labs