[Part 1 of 4 ] Designing & 3D Printing A Kayak With SOLIDWORKS & Stratasys

With summer upon us, it is time for my favorite pastime (other than using SOLIDWORKS): KAYAKING! And this year I have a brand new boat to play with!

Recently, I approached CAPINC about designing and 3D printing a kayak, and much to my surprise, they said “yes”. Over the next four weeks we are going to release videos taking you through the entire process, from initial concept to final production and launch of the CAPINC kayak.

In this first video I show you how I used SOLIDWORKS to create an initial concept by using a historic design for inspiration.

BTS footage and conversation with the creator, Andy Jaskey: http://www.capinc.com/events/webinars/recorded-webinars/behind-the-scenes-capinc-3d-printed-kayak-project-2

Watch the complete kayak series here: http://www.capinc.com/ondemand-webinars/