Printing VIP Duration and Turnaround Time

Turnaround time Based on Location

Printing VIP time based on locations
Printing VIP time based on locations

How quickly can the printing company deliver? How quickly do you need your printouts? These two questions are extremely important when considering which cheap printing service provider to go with. If you need your printouts, for instance, in just two days from the time you place your order, you wouldn’t like a company that can only get your work completed and delivered to you in four. If you are not in a hurry, though, you can scratch turnaround time from your list.

Customer support

In this digital age, distance is just a measure and a statement of location. If you would be working with an online company, customer support takes on a whole new level of importance. Proper customer support can make even the most distant company seem nearer than ever. A company with good customer support is always on hand to answer your queries and proffer solutions to any arising issues. If you find one that assigns you a dedicated customer care rep, all the better. You will have to explain yourself less often, and would have access to someone fully aware of your history and in tune with your needs and requirements.

Don’t forget the extras

Who doesn’t like freebies? It is the desire of many companies to add extra value to their products by offering you add-ons. Printing companies could offer extras in the form of proofreading or graphic design services. Some even offer free mailing services to private addresses. Finding a company that offers quality extras could save you a lot of potential costs.


Okay, if you are looking for a cheap printing service, then your budget is sure to be nagging on your mind. So, do well to find out just how much of your budget the printing company desires to gulp and why. It wouldn’t be out of place if you request estimates from different companies before making your final pick. Do not forget to include shipping costs in any budget estimate. But budget is last on this list for a reason.

Always remember: The cheapest deal isn’t always the best, but the best deal eventually becomes the cheapest. Once you have made your budget find one that fits into it and ticks all other boxes on this list.