Screen Printing and Embroidery — Mixed Media T-shirt Design

Combining screen printing and embroidery isn’t something you see very often. But it’s unique way to have a mixed media t-shirt design that can stand out. Be sure to check out the rest of the Design Innovation Series to learn more!*******

*******Mixed Media Screen Printing*******

1. Why use embroidery on your screen printed t-shirt? (0:38)
2. What kind of blank apparel should you use for embroidery? (2:02)



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About this video: In this video BELLA+CANVAS teams up with Motion Textile Inc on our design innovation series to show you the best way to use embroidery on a t-shirt. As well as walk you through a unexpected way to use embroidery on your next t-shirt design. Utilizing embroidery on a screen printed t-shirt design can make your next apparel line truly unique and stand out from your competition. Be sure to watch our Design Innovation Series to learn more about the future of screen printing and apparel design.