Stern Design Works: Implementing color 3D printing in product design

Print with 1.75mm filament on your Ultimaker printer with this 1.75mm UM Adaptor from Mosaic Manufacturing!

The 1.75mm UM Adaptor allows select 2.85mm Ultimaker printers to print reliably with 1.75mm filament. The adaptor can be installed or removed in less than 10 minutes and does not require any permanent changes or modifications to the printer. Open up a world of new filament combinations with the ability to print with Palette 2 (Pro) and access to 1.75mm filaments.

For a limited time, the adaptors are carried exclusively at:

Shop 3D (Canada)…

Matter Hackers (United States)…

Mosaic Mfg (Everywhere else)…

For any questions about compatibility or the 1.75mm UM Adaptor, please reach out to Mosaic at

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